IMG_8483Recently, I took the trip of a lifetime as I explored exotic Fiji as well as Sydney, Australia & Hamilton Island, Australia. There, I was able to explore the outdoor and urban environments and take some beautiful shots. Take a look below for yourselves:

IMG_8295 IMG_8433 IMG_8445 IMG_8488 IMG_8511 IMG_8528 IMG_8486 IMG_8539 IMG_8556 IMG_8692

IMG_7841 IMG_7949 IMG_8813 IMG_8831 IMG_8879 IMG_8910 IMG_9066 IMG_9143 IMG_9208 IMG_8819 IMG_8939

IMG_9249 IMG_9253 IMG_9300 IMG_9365 IMG_9424 IMG_9479 IMG_9548 IMG_9669 IMG_9673 IMG_9332 IMG_9536