IMG_1527We started Day 1 of SXSW off by checking out St. Lucia soundcheck at Stubb’s and followed it up with the first show from Lewis Del Mar. Incredible. Ended it back at Stubb’s for St. Lucia. What a way to start. Check out a few shots below:

What: SXSW 2016

Where: Austin, TX

Venue: Whisler’s and Stubb’s

When: March 15, 2016

Who: Lewis Del Mar, St. Lucia

Notes: Check out a handful of pics below. Please credit should you want to utilize any of the photos in the gallery:
IMG_1478 IMG_1481 IMG_1484 IMG_1584 IMG_1638 IMG_1665 IMG_1670 IMG_1696 IMG_1756 IMG_1499