Over the past few years, Governors Ball has become THE go-to music festival in the Northeast and has grown exponentially. I’m extremely happy to be heading back for the third year in a row, so I wanted to present my 10 favorite music moments from the past two years. Click below:

10. Big Gigantic is a Surprise Hit! (2012)

One of the great things about music festivals is not only seeing your favorite artists, but discovering new music you’re not necessarily familiar with. Big Gigantic was a new group that thoroughly impressed.


9. Big Boi Keeps it Consistent (2011)

I full admit that I’m spoiled when it comes to music. Having lived in NYC for the past 5+ years, I’ve been exposed to the best of the best at any given week. With that said, I’ve seen Big Boi a ton of times, but every time he keeps it consistent with his performances. Every time is a pleasure to see him perform.


8. Girl Talk Ends the Night with a Bang (2011)

What better way to end the first annual Governors Ball then with a DJ that gets the worn out crowd dancing like crazy? That’s what Girl Talk did in 2011 with his eclectic dance mashups. Too fun.


7. Major Lazer Sets the Tone Early (2012)

While Girl Talk may have dominated the night in 2011, Major Lazer got the party started earlier in the day with a crazy DJ performance. A giant hamster ball, scandalous dancers, and insane energy – Major Lazer got the job done.


6. James Murphy and Pat Mahoney Bring the Good Vibes (2012)

Not quite LCD Soundsystem, but the two artists brought to relaxed vibes with their quirky, yet memorable, set last year at Governors Ball. It was great seeing these guys work the DJ equipment.


5. Santigold Dances Her Way to the Top (2012)

Just like Big Boi, I’ve seen Santigold a million times – but every time is a pleasure. Santigold gets the party going with any performance and knows how to deliver a solid performance alongside her dancers. A must-see.


4. Atmosphere Takes Me Back… (2012)

Atmosphere – do you know them? It’s an MC/DJ duo from Minnesota that have carved their names in underground hip hop history and first exposed me to quality music in circa Y2k. It was a great experience to see Slug and Ant rock the stage – and even better knowing that they had true fans in the crowd supporting them. Awesome.


3. Huge Thumbs Up for Mac Miller’s GovBall Debut (2011)

Although I had seen Mac Miller perform before, the sheer chaos he caused just by walking on stage was amazing. It was at the 2011 Governors Ball that I knew he would be a star in the making – and that has panned out as he released a #1 album and has sold out gigantic venues across the nation.

2. Neon Indian Takes Care of Business (2011)

I was familiar with the music going in to Governors Ball, but I became a true fan after their amazing set. With the sun setting in the background and their vibes hitting the crowd, it was the perfect storm of musical bliss.


1. Empire of the Sun Stuns as the Top Governors Ball Performance (2011)

Not enough words can describe how stunning Empire of the Sun’s performance was in 2011. From the dancers to the costumes to the lighting – it was the pinnacle of entertainment all wrapped up in one performance.


I have much anticipation for this year – as it will be the biggest year to date for the Governors Ball. Catch me there covering it for 3 different outlets!!!